COVID-19 Pandemic Update

Important COVID 19 Pandemic Update

In light of the ‘Stay at Home’ order issued for Illinois and the evolving pandemic, North Suburban Pediatrics is implementing the following changes in its offices:

Well visits

  • We are rescheduling / postponing all non-essential well visit appointments.
  • This pertains to well visits for children over 2 years old EXCEPT for 4, 5, and 11-year olds (who are due for important immunizations.)
  • Parents do NOT need to call us. Our staff will reach out to reschedule the appointments as necessary.
  • It is important that infants and toddlers (under 2 years old) continue their regular visits and immunization schedules.

Sick visits

  • Please do NOT bring your child to walk-ins if he or she has ANY of the following symptoms:
    • Fever
    • Cough
    • Congestion/runny nose
  • Please call our office to confirm the best course of action in caring for your child.

Minimizing Exposure / Accompanying Patients

  • Wherever possible, please limit attendance at appointments to one parent / adult guardian and no siblings.

Telehealth / Online Appointments

  • In certain circumstances we are offering telehealth / online appointments.
  • When you call the office, this type of visit may be offered to you based on the discretion of the medical staff.

Ongoing Plans and Information Sources
We are implementing these measures to maximize patient safety, and the safety of the community, in accordance with the most up to date guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics, Illinois Department of Public Health and the CDC.

Please continue to monitor the NSP website and social media for additional updates.

The best sources of additional information are

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