Happy New Year from NSP!

We hope that everyone is doing well and ready for a new year filled with promise! We wanted to share with you the latest updates from NSP.

  • Telehealth walkins. As the COVID pandemic continues, we will continue our virtual walk-in visits which may be converted to an in-person appointment if necessary. Click here for details.
  • Well-child check-ups. We are taking all safety precautions for in-person office visits in line with CDC and state health department guidelines. This includes mandatory masking, disinfecting rooms between patients, social distancing protocols, and separating patients who may be sick from those who are well. It is vital that all patients have their regularly scheduled check-ups to monitor their physical and mental health and well-being, and it is especially important that infants and young children stay current with their regular immunizations. We must avoid a measles or whooping cough outbreak during the pandemic!
  • COVID testing. We have a very limited ability to conduct PCR testing in our office and are scheduling this testing over lunch and in the evening when patients having regular visits are not in the office. The swab is sent to a local lab (usually NorthShore) for testing. At the current time, we are only testing patients with symptoms or those who have had direct exposure to someone with COVID-19. We are not able to test parents or children who are not our patients, Please contact your doctor directly to discuss potentially scheduling a test. Note that at this time, we are not conducting rapid tests given their limited accuracy.
  • COVID-19 Vaccine.  We are excited about the prospect of a widespread vaccination program to help fight the pandemic, and our physicians and staff are in the process of being vaccinated. It will be some time before the general public can receive the vaccine, and at the moment it isn’t approved for children. When it becomes possible and safe for us to administer the vaccine to children, we will certainly do so, and we will communicate our plans through email and on our website.

Stay well, hug the people in your immediate quarantine bubble closely, Zoom frequently with your friends and loved ones who aren’t bubbled with you, and wear your mask!!




The Physicians at North Suburban Pediatrics


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