Launching Telehealth Option for NSP Patient Families

In these difficult times, everyone at North Suburban Pediatrics (NSP) is focused on maximizing the health and well-being of our patients, their families, and our community.

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In addition to our essential in person office visits, NSP is initiating telehealth visits for established NSP patient families based on the need to maintain social distance practices and protect everyone in the community.

A telehealth visit is a virtual appointment on a secure video platform that will allow our doctors to assess your child in real-time and provide further guidance on the care of your child’s condition. Although telehealth visits will never be able to replace some things, like actually looking in a child’s ear, there are some conditions that can work better than others, like evaluating a rash.

The government has mandated coverage of telehealth visits by all commercial insurers in Illinois. Patients may have to pay co-pays or co-insurance, and deductibles may still apply.

Our staff will schedule these appointments with your doctor during normal office hours as appropriate. Sometimes it may be necessary to convert the appointment to an in-office visit at the doctor’s discretion.

In addition, we are going to initiate a trial offering for walk-in telehealth visits during our usual walk in hour (8:00am – 9:00am Monday through Friday). Please use your smartphone (preferred for better video quality) or tablet/computer with microphone and webcam capabilities to open the following site: for Evanston patients or for Buffalo Grove patients

Patients will enter into the “virtual waiting room” to wait for a doctor to initiate a visit. Please note, the virtual waiting rooms will NOT be monitored outside of walk in hours and are ONLY for established patients of our practice.

Please reach out to our staff if you have questions. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we continue to navigate this evolving situation.

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