Holiday Presence

This time of year can mean many different things for each one of us.  However, for most it seems that our already busy lives go into hyper-drive the month leading up to the Christmas/holiday season.  By the time the holidays actually arrive and our kids are out of school, we are exhausted, stressed and oftentimes teetering on the edge of insanity with everything we are trying to accomplish, and all of the demands we are trying to meet.

As I was walking the dog and thinking about buying presents for my kids, the thought struck me that the best gift I could give to my family this year isn’t any particular present, but rather my presence – to be fully engaged, slowed down, and focused on them.  This means putting down my phone, disconnecting from the computer, shutting off the TV, saying “no” to excess external demands.  It allows for some great family time – playing games, going for walks, seeing a movie, baking cookies, doing a puzzle together.

The holidays can be such a great time to reconnect with your family. If you can just resist the draw of your electronic world pulling you away, then you can actually see and hear those who are right there with you.  It’s a great time to create healthy habits together with your kids, to appreciate how special it is to be a family, and to rekindle the joy and fun of being together.

This holiday season let’s not just give presents, but be present!


Written by Dr. Shana Christian